Vol. 7 No. 2 (2020): Vol 7, Iss 2, Year 2020

Research article on moderate nano soft topological space

Priyalatha S P R
Department of Mathematics, Kongunadu Arts and Science College,Coimbatore-641029, Tamil Nadu, India.
Published October 5, 2020
  • Moderate nano soft topology, Moderate nano soft interior, Moderate nano soft closure, Moderate nano soft open .
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S P R, P. (2020). Research article on moderate nano soft topological space. Kongunadu Research Journal, 7(2), 118-122. https://doi.org/10.26524/krj.2020.31


This paper study an alternative development of the nano soft topology which is known as moderate nano soft topology. Also, we define the characterization and properties are studied. Further we investigate moderate nano soft interior and moderate nano closure are discussed in details.


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